Through June 7

Ellie and I went to the cat-handler training at Lost Our Home.  We spent almost 2 hours there and learned how they like the cat rooms cleaned out.

Rosie painted her nails and insisted I take a picture.  Then she got all fancied up to go god knows where. Probably the grocery store knowing her.  But she wanted another picture taken.  She cracks me up.

IMG_20170521_152752 IMG_20170522_091343

We had a Board Game Club meetup at the library in May.  Not nearly as many people came out to this one as the last but the kids all still had a great time, of course.

From one of the homeschool groups we were able to score free Phoenix Comicon tickets.  The whole family made a day of it. We wandered around and the girls made a mask in the craft room.  They are sitting with their backpacks on.



Then we found a room with retro video games.  I could barely get these guys to leave after a really long time.  Too bad they weren’t having any fun.

IMG_20170525_144148 IMG_20170525_144229 IMG_20170525_144240 IMG_20170525_144321 IMG_20170525_144638 IMG_20170525_145015


Once the vendors opened, we all went and walked around there for a few hours.  We bought some comic books and ate our dinners we had packed up in our backpacks.  Rosie insisted on a silly picture, of course.


Then we couldn’t leave until the girls had their ice cream.  They said they had a really fun time.


Another picture I took of Rosie because this is how she gets ready for the pool and it was cracking me up that day.


The following weekend the girls had a slumber party at Granny’s.  I”m not sure what all they did but they always have a good time.

Ellie and I went back to Lost Our Home and volunteered.  We picked a good day because we went really early in the morning and their regular volunteer who cleans the cat cages was out sick so we got to test our new training skills.  We spent almost an hour cleaning the big, main cat room and then we played with the cats and went into the kitten room to cuddle kittens.  Of course Ellie had a blast. Ellie talked nonstop about half the way home and then fell asleep.  I think she loved it.

One afternoon we had plans to meet a couple of our Girl Scout friends over at the pool.  It’s so gross hot right now and the girls are loving swimming.

That weekend the girls had a slumber party at Uncle Chris and Aunt Dottie’s house.  Again I have no idea what all went on but they sure did have a good time over there.

They also started swim team.  On the second day of practice, Ellie told me she was really enjoying swim team.  Her highest compliment since she’s pretty pessimistic.  She did say trying to swim in her regular suit was annoying because it kept shifting around.  Dad bought her and Rosie competitive swim suits, which they tried at the HOA pool and said worked fantastic.

We had a meetup with some homeschool friends at a bakery.  The girls had ridiculous treats.

IMG_20170605_125020 IMG_20170605_125034

Then we went across the street for a free summer movie at the library.  The kids had a blast with their friends and the moms hid on some comfortable furniture in another room.

Lastly, we have purchased Lady some shoes.  The sidewalks are hot.  The highs have been close to 110 and the lows are still in the upper 80s, and that’s the middle of the night.  As a consequence, I can’t stand on the cement barefoot at any time during the day and that’s how they say to test if it’s ok to walk your dog.  The first day Lady was having trouble in the shoes but I don’t think I had them on quite right.  Now she’s a pro and she’s so hilarious.


Through May 20

May has been super crazy busy.  I have the girls signed up for Phoenix swim team this summer so we’ve basically been at the pool every day practicing the competitive strokes.  I don’t know if they will get bumped back down to lessons or not but we are at least trying to get them right before team starts.

Choir has been running since the start of this year.  I don’t know why this picture is so fuzzy but here are the kids practicing before church to sing for Sunday service.


Here’s Ellie and her little buddy Grant.




Rosie is playing around with Abigail and her little brother.



IMG_20170507_085026 IMG_20170507_103850 IMG_20170507_103845



Here are the kids during church giving their awesome performance!





That evening, the choir did their musical performance.  Neither girl wanted a speaking part so they are in the back up choir off to the side but the show was still cute.  Granny, Uncle Chris and Aunt Dottie all came out to see them, too, for the evening show.  These pictures were from dress rehearsal when I could get a clear shot.

IMG_20170507_173332 IMG_20170507_173633


This same day (busy day) was also Ellie’s birthday so we had a little party for her at the house.  Granny, Uncle Chris and Aunt Dottie, and Papa and Grandma all came.

Ellie told me after Christmas she was a little disappointed she didn’t get more toys but was going to ask for toys for her birthday. Well, dad and I got her her entire list.  And I wrapped them in Christmas paper. They are off to her left and we teased her about it for weeks.

She got a dollhouse and all the dolls and furniture she asked for, squirt guns, Magic playing cards, a catzilla shirt, a Warriors cat book from Dad and Mom.

Granny got her a Minecraft video game and poster.

Papa and Grandma got her some cute clothes and a Target gift card.

Chris and Dottie got her an annoying cat that makes all kinds of racket and some awesome swords for fighting with her sister.

She said she had a nice birthday.


IMG_20170507_144932 IMG_20170507_150012 IMG_20170507_150258 IMG_20170507_150722 IMG_20170507_150923 IMG_20170507_150941 IMG_20170507_151128 IMG_20170507_151154 IMG_20170507_151529 IMG_20170507_151533 IMG_20170507_151536 IMG_20170507_151537 IMG_20170507_152620 IMG_20170507_154545 IMG_20170507_160655


AWANA ended for the year and we had the awards ceremony.  Then afterwards we all went outside and the girls ate snow cones with their friends and played in the grass.  Both girls earned some awards for saying verses and at one point during a singing and dancing break during the ceremony, Ellie was selected to go onstage and sign/dance for everyone!

IMG_20170510_183204 IMG_20170510_184236 IMG_20170510_184238 IMG_20170510_185644 IMG_20170510_185700 IMG_20170510_185759 IMG_20170510_190240 IMG_20170510_190356

Ellie and I finished our volunteer orientation class at an local animal shelter.  Ellie wants to volunteer and I found one she can help at.  We have our ‘cat training’ class later this month.  I don’t have any pictures but we met lots of cute animals at the no-kill shelter who all need clean cages and attention while they wait to get adopted.

Finally for the month it was Ellie’s birthday party.  She wanted to have a big party since we will be moving soon.  I reserved a ramada at the park and she invited everyone she could think of.  We had a good turnout and the kids had a ball.  It was warm outside and the park has a splash pad. We also went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of park toys for her friends to use, lose or break so we could all just have fun and not worry about losing track of our toys from home.  We had fruit and muffins and enjoyed everyone’s company for 2 hours.

IMG_20170520_094353 IMG_20170520_094416 IMG_20170520_095640 IMG_20170520_100130 IMG_20170520_102528 IMG_20170520_102539 IMG_20170520_102602 IMG_20170520_102704 IMG_20170520_102717 IMG_20170520_102929 IMG_20170520_102943 IMG_20170520_103003 IMG_20170520_103108 IMG_20170520_103125 IMG_20170520_103124 IMG_20170520_103337 IMG_20170520_103809_1 IMG_20170520_103811 IMG_20170520_103812 IMG_20170520_103832

thru April 30

Seanna sent me these pictures and I love them so much.  Eleanor in her fancy dress to celebrate turning 1!


And Eleanor playing in the ball pit we got her for her birthday.  Seanna says these balls are all over her house.  We are so evil and hilarious!




We had an Easter egg hunt at the park with the homeschool group.  Rosie was at home but Ellie came with me.  I’m not sure exactly how many eggs were hid but probably a few hundred.  The kids had a blast and Ellie ended up with small toys, coins, candy and all kinds of fun prizes.




We also went over to Isabella’s house one day and the kids all decorated Easter eggs on the patio.  It was mostly an excuse to hang out and I think the girls had a fun time.  They made some really cool egg decorations but I guess I never got a picture of anything.

Maurice and I decided to get more serious about relocation so we sold all of our big furniture.  The house looks totally empty.  We ended up with our TV mounted on the wall while we are in this state of transition.

The kids and I started a board game club with the homeschool group.  I was there for 2 hours and got zero pictures but we had great turnout.  Probably 25 kids and 12 moms or so if I had to guess.

The girls finished up their classes through the city.  Here is Ellie not letting me get her picture as she was done with one of her drawing and painting classes.




Here’s Rosie with her first finished sewing project – a pillow.




Here she is working on her second project – penguin pajama bottoms.  She never did get this one finished. She’s close.  We are going to ask Granny to help us with the last little bit Rosie didn’t get done before the class session ended.  I thought my sewing machine was broken though and we took it in for repair. It kept beeping and the pedal wouldn’t move the needle.  I was so embarrassed when the guy called to say it was ok and to come get it.  Turns out it was threaded wrong.  Well, at least it wasn’t broken and hopefully with my machine not broken and Granny knowing what she’s doing, someone can help Rosie finish these cute pants.



IMG_20170504_175351 IMG_20170504_180711

Maurice bought a 25 year old diesel truck.  We’ve been tinkering on it for fun.  Maurice had a half a mind to drive this old truck to where ever we moved to.  We have been out for a few rides in it and got caught up one night when it was super crazy windy.  He wants to check out the front wheels since they feel ‘loose’ and has since decided we won’t drive it cross country.  I was relieved. I don’t mind shipping it.  It’s still super fun to play around in and on.  No computer in the engine of this old work truck. Just nuts and bolts.




I was walking in to the church the other day and there were several new canvas photos hanging up in the hallway.  Here is Ellie from their winter carnival when they had a huge snow pile.  She looks so happy. I love this picture.


Through April 12

We’ve done our usual homeschool, church and etc activities the past few weeks.  But, while the weather has been nice, we’ve done a few extras.

I took the girls to Tuzigoot National Monument last month.  We were all going to go but Maurice wasn’t feeling well the morning of so it was just a girls trip.  We even brought the dog.  The girls folded the seats down between them in the car and Lady laid right between them, half in the back seat and half in the back of the car.  She was so excited the entire way there.  Then we walked all around the monument.  Again and again.  The girls loved it.  The dog got so exhausted I took her to lay in the shade under a tree.  This was after she tried to lay underneath a bench in the shade on some random part of the trail.  Lazy dog.  When we finally left a couple of hours later, Lady laid completely in the back of the car and slept the entire way home.

IMG_20170311_114012 IMG_20170311_114419 IMG_20170311_114606 IMG_20170311_115314 IMG_20170311_115407 IMG_20170311_121022 IMG_20170311_121723

The co-op classes started up again. I’m running a K’nex builders class for the in-betweeners, ages 5-10, and Ellie is doing Scratch and self defense.  Rosie is taking clay and self defense.

It was Eleanor’s first birthday.  It’s pretty crazy how time flies.  Seanna said she’s recently took her first steps.  Rosie and Ellie can’t stop talking about our trip there later this year to see them both.

We went with the homeschoolers on a field trip to Organ Stop Pizza.  The pizza was awful but the organ was amazing.  The girls loved it so much they want to take their dad back a different time.


I signed the girls up for some city classes.  Ellie is taking painting and drawing class and absolutely loves it. I have a fabulous painting of a peacock from her that is kind of a weird size so I’m in the middle of trying to find a frame that will fit.  Rosie is about to start a mommy and me sewing class.  We bought her supplies to make a pillow.

We went to a children’s business fair a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was beautiful and we walked around a bunch of different booths set up with ‘kid entrepreneurs’.  The girls bought bracelets, bookmarks, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.  Ellie said she wants to do something for her own booth next year.  I’m not sure if there will be any follow through but she’s still kind of little and some of the parents at this expo were definitely very ‘involved’ with their kids businesses. If Ellie wants to run a business, it will be her project and not mine.

The whole family went to the county fair.  I asked the girls if they wanted to go and do rides and they both said no so we went the first day before the midway opened.  It was so quiet and relaxing.  We went through every single barn and looked at all of the animals.  The girls loved it.  They loved the 4H EVERYTHING…crafts, research project boards, animal judging, etc etc.

IMG_20170412_110618 IMG_20170412_110635 IMG_20170412_111240 IMG_20170412_111402

Ellie liked the petting zoo for about 2 minutes.  Then the goats freaked her out.  And a couple of them started chewing on her shirt, which dad and I found hilarious.  But, she still wanted to stay in there and pet everything.


IMG_20170412_112034 IMG_20170412_112057 IMG_20170412_112052_1

Rosie insisted on brushing this alpaca. The owners said they call this one Shake N Bake so I’m guessing it likes to roll in the bedding a lot.




IMG_20170412_112244 IMG_20170412_113828 IMG_20170412_114219

Rosie wanted some selfies with a few birds.



IMG_20170412_114241 IMG_20170412_114458 IMG_20170412_125249 IMG_20170412_132449

We ended the trip with ice cream because why not.



IMG_20170412_133655 IMG_20170412_133704


The girls have been loving riding their bikes.  We got Papa’s old one from Granny and Rosie is riding it now.

IMG_20170330_150306 IMG_20170330_150314

Something happened to Rosie the past couple of weeks.  She has, all of a sudden it seems, become a very good and independent reader. We’ve bought all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books off amazon for her and she reads them as fast as they come.  It’s pretty amazing to watch since we never pushed her to learn to read or told her what to read.  We were at the library waiting for Ellie while she was in her drawing class.  Rosie sat here and started reading and wouldn’t talk to me at all.  She was ‘busy.’




This is a picture Ellie was drawing on her Scratch program.  I loved it and took a quick picture just to keep all to myself.




We bought the girls some foam swords to bring to park day (all the kids at park day love to play with them) but caught the girls outside later smacking the crap out of each other.


Through March 7th

Now that painting is done, we have been trying to get back on a somewhat normal routine.

The girls were invited to a painting place for a birthday party.  They went and had a blast.  Ellie told me she wanted to take painting with an instructor because she wants to learn technique so I guess she was serious about really liking it all.


The next day the girls performed with the choir during both Sunday services at church.  I thought they did a great job.  Dad and Granny both came to see the performance.

IMG_20170219_090122 IMG_20170219_090138 IMG_20170219_090134

Our regular church had an event at the new building to write messages or your name on the walls of the building before the drywall is finished.  So, we went over and got to take a tour.  It was pretty cool and way bigger than our current space.  This is the new sanctuary.

IMG_20170225_151813 IMG_20170225_153925


And here are the writings the girls left behind.  Ellie disappeared too quickly before I could get her picture while in the act though.  It says “I love this place”.

IMG_20170225_151643 IMG_20170225_151740 IMG_20170225_151805


The kids helped me rake up all of the weeds in the backyard which was the last thing I had to take care of since the painting nightmare began and ended.  I think at this point most everything is fairly caught up.

We also had the big park day with the homeschool group.  That’s always fun.  The weather has been perfect so we stayed for a really long time to make sure there was a lot of time to see their friends.

One day we went to Goodwill and shopped just for fun.  Rosie bought this glamorous dress and now just wears it around the house.


A couple of days ago we went to see Moana, the new Disney movie.  It was cute but there are a lot of kids on spring break right now and the theater was crowded.  It would have been better to go when public school is back in but we went with Isabella so the girls had fun seeing her.

Since Christmas 2016 through Feb 15 2017

Maurice had some time off of work around Christmas and I had this wild idea to make some acrylic Lego display boxes.  I tried to find some online and had no luck so we made plans to build what I wanted. Mostly I just didn’t want to have to take the Lego Christmas village apart and rebuild it again next year.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures but here’s what we ended up with.

We made 4 bases and acrylic boxes.


Then I painted them in bright, “Lego” colors.




Here’s the Lego village we ended up with this year.  It was pretty small because we didn’t have a lot of time to build with the drywall repair and other craziness.



IMG_0908 IMG_20170125_121734 IMG_20170125_121729 IMG_20170125_121725 IMG_20170125_121739 IMG_20170125_122648

I’ve been painting the rest of the house and as soon as I got the shelf wall painted (it’s a really tame tan color and easier to see in sunlight instead of grainy pictures) we put the Lego boxes up on display.





Speaking of painting…


I basically cancelled all activities and I painted. And painted.  Every single room in the house.  Maurice had to go to DC for work and while he was gone, I painted our bathroom.  The girls and I didn’t do too much because I painted from the beginning of January to mid-February.  But I’m done now.  And we even got the ugly living room fan, hallway, and bathroom light fixtures all changed out.

We did have a homeschool group field trip on the calendar already so we attended at the beginning of January.  It was to the IDEA museum in Mesa and the topic was dogs.  I thought Ellie would love it.  Well, it was boring. So boring.  I was bored, the kids were bored…but we survived.  The sad thing is that it was a ‘school’ field trip.  If kids had come from school, this is their standard tour.  After the guided part was over, the girls had a blast there with their friends.  It was just too bad the school tour was such a disappointment.


One of Rosie’s friends from church had a ‘walk the red carpet’ birthday party.  Rosie got all dolled up and it was just too cute.



At some point we had gone over to see Grandma and Papa’s new house.  It might have been Fall of this year and I really can’t remember but I got these pictures from Granny and they are the best.

P1020645 P1020646

Ellie got a bunch of drawing stuff for Christmas and at one point I had taken this picture of something she drew for me.  This is us at the zoo together.  I really appreciate the details, like the fact I’m wearing flip flops.


So dad had gone on his business trip to DC mid-January.  He wasn’t thrilled about the timing but he flew out there first class with Toni and it’s amazing how much he really didn’t mind when traveling like a person instead of like a piece of cargo.  My phone died while he was gone, of course, so I got a new one and that’s why my new blog pictures are so much better!  Maurice took some pictures from his phone while he was on his trip:

IMG_3940 IMG_3963 IMG_3944 image1

The girls wanted to sell Girl Scout cookies this year to make money for camp.  We committed to almost 200 boxes.  This was our first cookie booth.


It was in South Phoenix and I think we sold 8 boxes in an hour.  We tried door to door and didn’t do nearly as well as last year.  I was getting nervous but then we had a booth on Valentine’s Day at the Safeway at 48th/Elliot and we cleaned up.  The girls sold everything in a little over an hour!  So, they should make about $50 in camp money to split.

We also did a Valentine’s card exchange at the picnic in the park day with the homeschoolers.  The girls made handmade cards but there were all kinds of things given out and they loved it.

The girls had their last VEX IQ competition for the year.  During the first one I think they came in 24 out of 26.  Well, this last one they came in 10th overall of 35 teams!  At one point they were ranked 3rd in qualifying rounds!

They ended up going 4 rounds in the qualifiers and then making the finals.

IMG_20170211_100546 IMG_20170211_110337

I like this next series of pictures to demonstrate how bossy Rosie can be sometimes.  Yes, it’s usually Ellie but not always.



IMG_20170211_110353 IMG_20170211_110354 IMG_20170211_110357 IMG_20170211_110355 IMG_20170211_102744

We talked to Rosie about it but here she is begin a bossy co-driver again.



IMG_20170211_102749 IMG_20170211_111305 IMG_20170211_111211


Here is the finals round.  Unfortunately, the team they were paired up with had a busted robot by this time so the other team scored 0 points to help with the final score.  All points were earned by the TLOEA team and we told the girls they should be very proud of that since they only had 1 robot in the finals instead of 2 (all the other teams had 2 working robots to earn points) and ‘still’ ended up in 10th place overall.  I also really enjoy the competition picture where Rosie is being a bossy co-driver again.

IMG_20170211_153541 IMG_20170211_153953 IMG_20170211_154656


We had a family date the other day and went to go see the Lego Batman movie in the theater.  It was hilarious and we went at a weird time, on purpose, so the theater was basically empty.

Christmas 2016

The family went to church at 1pm on Christmas Eve.  Granny was getting last minute things done but Chris and Dottie came with us.  Rosie refused to sing Christmas songs with me so I’m going to bug her next year and see if she will be more agreeable.  Both the kids have been eating candy nonstop for days so they are all out of sorts.

We went home after church to make refried beans and pack up.  Christmas Eve was at Chris and Dottie’s new rental this year. We fed and walked the dog because she was staying home and then got over there around 4:30pm.  My aunt Sandy was already there and Ashleigh showed up soon after.

About 5:30 we ate dinner.  Maurice has been dying for Mexican food Christmas so that’s what we did and it was delicious.  Queso, enchilada casserole, red beef, tostadas…

After dinner the kids only wanted to talk about opening presents.  I had a huge box under the tree for them and they wanted it first.  It was rolling duffel bag luggage for Girl Scout camp and DEFCON.  A new bag for each of them.  They were visibly disappointed and it was hilarious.  They couldn’t even fake it.


Then they got Legos from Granny, sewing craft supplies from us, toys and jewelry from Aunt Sandy and Ashleigh…

This hat and glove set for Ellie was a present from Rosie.

P1020676 P1020675 P1020671 P1020688

Chris and Dottie had this hilarious package wrapped for them and they had to wait to open it.  They kept saying ‘it’s a chocolate covered cricket’ which was driving Ellie nuts.


We had dessert and hung out and then we all went home around 9:30pm.

I had had coffee so I was up until 2am or so and I kept Maurice up with me.  We filled the stockings and eventually went to bed.


In the morning, I rolled the luggage around and acted excited and the girls were not having any of it.  They barely cared what was in their stocking.  Even though I let them sleep in, they were way too tired and sorta grumpy.  Ellie told me she was not impressed with the duffel bag and had hoped for toys.

After stockings and helping the dog unwrap her treats and new collar, we went back to Chris and Dottie’s for breakfast and more presents.

They opened the cricket.  It was indeed chocolate covered.  Giant tubes of chocolate for the antennae and taped packages of hot chocolate over the Cricut box.  The girls were a little confused because they don’t know what a cricut is but I was telling Rosie later it’s a machine to cut fabric, vinyl, etc for fashion design or crafts and then she was all about getting it out and trying it out.

P1020682 P1020685

They opened boxes from us with drawing books, fashion design books, tracing paper, etc.  It went perfect with Granny’s gift of crafting boxes of scissors, paper, stickers, etc.

Then they opened the Santa gift from dad.  They were, again, visibly disappointed to pull out their own backpacks.  Matching colors to their recently acquired duffel bags.  They opened the bags and found laptops though and were speechless.



This is all we saw of them after we got home:






The rest of us made out pretty good.  I got slipper socks, coffee mug, soduko, slippers, gift card, and really just a ton of stuff.  Maurice got gift card, hairbrush, coasters for his drinks…

The girls got Granny a hummingbird feeder and decorative jar (with embroidered lid done by Rosie).  Chris and Dottie got cards with “free housecleaning” coupons, which they found hilarious.

We got Granny and Dottie a picture book from our family urban fishing trip a couple of years ago and Maurice gave Chris an electronic keyboard.

P1020654 P1020655 P1020657 P1020668 P1020666 P1020681 P1020669

It was all a lot, even though we are all getting better at not going overboard!

Chris and Dottie have a loft where we all gathered and watched Miracle on 34th Street during the afternoon.  Then we came home around 4pm to take care of the dog and get settled for the night.  We watched Die Hard, later ate leftovers for dinner, and the girls played with their new stuff.

I text chatted with Seanna a lot over the weekend.  Sounds like she had a fun Christmas with her ‘baby’s first Christmas’ Eleanor.  I can’t wait to see them next fall heading into next year’s holiday season!

Through Dec 23

The girls spent lots of time out riding their bikes this month.  They are getting pretty good.  Granny had an old bike of Papas out in her garage so we took it. It’s exactly like Ellie’s new bike but white.  We have plans to clean it up and get it ready to ride.  Rosie is a little freaked out by it because it’s much larger than the bike she is learning on and feels comfortable riding around.

I forget what we were doing at the church.  There was one night we went with their friend Isabella and helped decorate the children’s wing for Christmas.  This might have been the same night.  Anyway, the girls let me get a picture.


Co-op ended and we brought our posters to the showcase to display for parents.  The girls and I didn’t stay though because it was in the middle of a long, crazy house project.  We are going to take the first session of Spring off to sell Girl Scout cookies because the girls, as IGM scouts, get program credits from selling cookies and have their eyes set on paying a chunk of their summer camp bill with profits.

Rosie got a new infinity scarf from my friend Heather.  She’s so fashionable.


We had the drywall repaired in the front room from the giant rain storms of a couple years ago.  While the drywall guy was here, he also fixed the crack in the ceiling in the main part of the house.  It was a 2 day nightmare.  None of it was the worst thing to happen but drywall is dirty and the entire house was upended for 2 weeks.  It was a zoo.  The kids and I emptied the front room, where I swear everything we own is sitting, into every single nook and cranny around the rest of the house.  I basically took down Christmas, too.  Except the tree.  I refused.  But having it moved into the other room and keeping the dog’s wild tail away from it was a nightmare all it’s own.

Since the drywall was then done, it was time to paint.  Maurice did the ceiling for me in the front room.  Then, I bought paint I liked to do the walls tan and chocolate.  I was up at 5am and the girls helped me, up and down and up and down the ladder for hours, trim the room.  It looked amazing.  A couple of hours later Maurice and I had a heated discussion about how I was sure the color was wrong.  He thought it was wet and I was imagining.  We painted another sample next to the trim and sure enough it was ‘redder.’  Later that night Maurice went and got the correct color and he and I spent 8 hours, until 4am, redoing and finishing the room.  It was a nightmare.  Then cleaning up the mess, moving furniture, and putting everything away… But the room is done now.

There was no children’s choir this fall and no singing tree performance.  But, the church did do a winter carnival and brought in tons of snow for the kids to play in.  They also had a train ride, movie, and treats.  We spent the entire 3 hours at the church so the kids could play with their friends and they had a wonderful time. img_0859 img_0871 img_0883


Mid-month the kids and I went to the Chandler Environmental Education Center for a field trip with the homeschool group.  They learned about weather and mostly just always have fun with their friends.

That same week we went to look at some Christmas lights with their friend Isabella.


We also decorated gingerbread houses together.  Which was a good thing – I totally dropped the ball on that activity this year.  Things got stressful with the drywall work mid-month.  Really that interrupted 2 full weeks of Christmas normalcy.

Ellie helped Granny decorate Christmas cookies one Sunday.  Rosie had to stay with me because she got caught lying. Boo.

We all went and saw Star Wars Rogue One.  Everyone loved it.

Ellie and I went to visit her friend Talon to play one afternoon.  Later that week, the girls and I went with Isabella to Pump It Up. We tried to fit in some fun stuff after home demolition!

Right before Christmas the kids had a slumber party at Granny’s house.  Maurice and I just sat in the quiet of the house which was very relaxing.

Here’s a picture of sweet baby Eleanor that Seanna sent me.  So sweet.




Through Dec 2nd

I can’t believe November is gone.

Dad took a day off and we all went on a homeschool field trip to the Phoenix Zoo.  It was a lot of fun.  I can’t remember the last time we went to the Phoenix Zoo but it’s probably been a few years.  We spent the entire day there with a packed lunchbox and ended up seeing everything.

img_0778 img_0783 img_0777 img_0775

We’ve also been going to our co-op classes.  We have one more week left of this session.  I think we are going to take the first session of Spring off so I can concentrate on a few things I need to do around the house and the girls want to go door-to-door selling Girl Scout cookies, which starts in January.

In November we had back-to-back robotics competitions.  The first one was at the Microchip office in Chandler. They had two large rooms with practice fields on one side and competition fields on the other.  Here are the girls playing with their robot on a practice field.


Their team, TLOEA (the league of eternal awesomeness), spent a lot of time practicing or trying to earn points in the skills competition.  The skills competition is where individual teams show off their driving skills to earn points.  While this was going on, the teams were randomized and did a series of cooperative point-earning challenges.  The girls had 6 matchups in total.  They came in 29 out of 32 teams but we celebrated not being last for our first competition and the girls had a blast.  They met another sister/homeschool team that day.

Then, we went to another competition at a middle school.  It was crowded and not well organized and Maurice and I were miserable with the cluster of it all.  But of course, the girls had a blast.  Their friends from the previous match were there, they were much better drivers this time, and their ranking for the match improved by a couple of standings.


We made it through the 2016 presidential election.  Maurice and I went over to Toni’s to watch results roll in on NBC streaming live on Netflix.  After 18 months of the media telling us Trump wouldn’t win, I was shocked when he took Florida and ended up winning.

The girls and I went over to Isabella’s house to watch a movie and just hang out on Veteran’s Day since Isabella didn’t have school.

That Saturday we all went with Granny out to Grandma and Papa’s new house.  It is so cute and I love it. We ate enchilada casserole Granny brought for lunch and had a really great visit.  Their house is my dream house. Small, cute, cozy.  I wish I had taken a picture.

I took Rosie to CraftHack night at Gangplank.  I brought my sewing machine because the description said they were making doll clothes and would help you learn how.  I also brought my sewing bucket, fabric, etc.  I did not, however, bring my sewing machine cord.  Bah.  So, I hand sewed stuff with Rosie for a little while and it was fun anyway.  I did see the advertisement for this month’s Craft night and it says for entrepreneurs to network, the first time I’ve seen this event labeled this way.  Maurice says I’m paranoid but I really think the 7 year old wasn’t really welcome and it’s another HeatSync…a private club for people that don’t really want to share/teach hacking.  Not to say everyone was like that but enough to give it a bad vibe.  We have enough tools here at home that I’m starting the Carey hacker haven and keeping it private.

I took Rosie to the dentist because she had this nasty baby tooth hanging on in between her two big front teeth. And one of those front teeth is all crooked and silly.  The dentist didn’t pull it but said she needed to and to bring her back in a couple of weeks if it was still stuck.  Rosie was so freaked out to pull a tooth.  It ended up really bothering her and on Thanksgiving she ate a rice crispy treat and it popped out.

img_0795 img_0800

Then two weeks later the one off to the side of the crooked big front tooth was barely hanging on. She wanted me to pull it because it was morning time and dad was still asleep.  Gross.  I cannot.  But I did offer to hold her hand if she faced away from me and she could pull it.  Well, it was so wiggly she barely got her finger on it and it popped right out.  That was the very first tooth she has lost the dentist or her dad didn’t pull.


After nearly 8 years in this house, we finally put up drapes on the back door.  It’s a terrible picture but Maurice did a great job.


Ashleigh came over for dinner one night. She has Thanksgiving plans but we are hoping to all get together for Christmas this year since she won’t be going to her parents house this time.

AWANA is taking a long break, until mid-January, this year. I’m so happy because things are hectic in December.  The last week was before Thanksgiving and they had the store.  I volunteered to help the kids pick out their prizes with points earned by attendance, memorizing verses and various other things.

We had Isabella come over one night for a sleep over.  The girls mostly got along (amazing for a group of little girls) and in the morning we all went to church.  She went to class with Ellie and had so much fun she wants to go again.

Granny had us all over for dinner on Sunday.  It was nice and relaxing and I’m always happy to eat something I didn’t have to cook.

Finally we made it to Thanksgiving.  My Aunt and Uncle sent their ham coupon from work and I picked that up.  Ella brought a cooked turkey breast and rolls and carrots.  I made mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing.  Chris and Dottie brought snacks and green bean casserole.  My Aunt and Uncle picked up their grandson, Kameron, from the airport because he flew out to see them for the weekend and headed over so we could all eat together around 5pm.  It was very relaxing and a lot of fun.  Later that evening Isabella came over for dessert and brought homemade rice crispy treats (the ones that took Rosie’s tooth!).

I had my usual newspaper and looked through it Thanksgiving morning while the girls watched the Macy’s parade.  Everything I wanted was also for sale online so I made a bunch of online purchases and was done.  We had ruined Santa for the girls a few weeks earlier when Ellie was fighting with a kid at church over the real-ness of Santa.  So, they came with me and Dottie for our annual Black Friday shopping.  We were all out for a couple of hours, Dottie got lots of DVDs for Chris’ family when they go visit for Christmas, and it was a lot of fun.  After a good nights sleep (because Dottie and Chris just went  home and slept in their own beds that night after selling their house this fall and moving to a rental a few minutes away), we all woke up and went out shopping again for fun.  Even the boys and Granny joined us to go to the mall -what a zoo, what a mistake.  But we were all together and it was fun.

That night we decorated our Christmas tree.  I took a few fuzzy pics on my phone. Then i asked Maurice to take a picture of Rosie doing the Angel on the tree.  Oh my, his picture is by far the worst.

img_0803 img_0805 img_0825 img_0814 img_0834

The next day we went to Chris and Dottie’s and the girls helped them decorate their Christmas tree while we snacked and hung out.  By Sunday we were all exhausted.  We didn’t even make it to church that day.

The girls and I met Isabella and her mom over at the church that Monday to help decorate the children’s wing.  We helped for a little over an hour but then left since it was getting late on a ‘school night.’  I think I was still exhausted from our Thanksgiving 4-day weekend!

I had told the girls on Monday, “Tomorrow you are learning to ride a bike.”  Tuesday, Maurice aired up tires and out to the cup-de-sac we all went.  Rosie’s bike was WAY too small so both girls learned on Elie’s bike.  In one day.  By Wednesday they were doing amazing. So Wednesday night I took Ellie to pick out a new bike (bigger size) at Walmart. She found a purple mountain bike. I told Rosie to get better on the hand me down bike and once she outgrew it she could pick out her own bike. She was very determined to learn to brake and get up/down curbs because she wants to get a bike of her choosing.  Stubborn.  Every day we’ve been outside playing on our bikes.  Dad even aired up our bike tires and we’ve been out playing too.

Somehow it became December and the girls played for over two hours at the homeschool park day.  It was really nice, although kind of cold because it was in the high 50’s with the sun hiding behind the clouds.

I think the last big thing we did is make house rental reservations for next fall in Michigan to visit Seanna and Eleanor.  We are all very excited and now it’s just a waiting game.

Through Oct 31st

The usual things have been going on the past couple of weeks.  We finished up the first session of the homeschool co-op.  This past week, it started up again for session II.   Now Ellie is doing a coding class her dad is teaching and a class which as far as I can tell is basically about blowing things up on the lawn of the library.  And Rosie is doing a felt jewelry making class and the Lego story starter class I am teaching.

The family got together for dinner to celebrate Granny and Dottie birthdays during their birthday week.

Ellie and I went to a Women Who Code meetup but were disappointed when no experience coders turned up.  I’m not sure if we will attend that meetup again as it has been two months in a row of a bust.

Ellie and I went to see the Finding Dory movie.  She loved it.

The three of us went to the Olive Mill in Queen Creek on a Veritas field trip.  It was so incredibly boring.  The girls were good sports, though, and well behaved.

Ashleigh came over for our Tuesday night dinner date.  Things have been pretty crazy lately either for her or us so that was the first time we had seen her in a while.

I took Ellie to the pool to meet some homeschool friends.  It’s been so hot this October.  It was perfect swimming weather. I think the high that day, right before Halloween, was 97*.

We went to the church Trunk and Treat event.  Rosie was a cat and Ellie was a zebra.  We also picked up their friend Isabella and stayed for candy, games, inflatables, etc the entire time.  The girls had a blast.

We didn’t actually trick or treat on Halloween because we had plenty of candy already.

img_0756 img_0759 img_0762 img_0763