Our Cruise Vacation – Debarkation

I was glad I took the time to consolidate and re-pack since we didn’t realize we’d have to give up our luggage the day before our cruise actually ended. Maurice and I vowed to only pack carry-on should we ever cruise again.

In the morning we got dressed and packed our remaining items in our carry-ons. Then we went to the breakfast buffet and waited for our debarkation number to be called.  When it was, about an hour later, we got in a long line to get off the boat.  Here’s Granny and Ellie waiting patiently in the line:


The trip through customs was fast and picking up our luggage was easy. We were in our car and headed home by about 11am.

We stopped for lunch on the trip back but nothing eventful.  We got home about 7:30pm and picked up the dogs from the kennel the next morning.

Maurice said he had a nice time. Although he was sick the first two days, he realized if he kept dramamine in his system constantly he was fine. The first two days he was taking it after he experienced symptoms of nausea. I had a great time and the kids loved it all and are asking when the next cruise will be.

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