Through April 12

We’ve done our usual homeschool, church and etc activities the past few weeks.  But, while the weather has been nice, we’ve done a few extras.

I took the girls to Tuzigoot National Monument last month.  We were all going to go but Maurice wasn’t feeling well the morning of so it was just a girls trip.  We even brought the dog.  The girls folded the seats down between them in the car and Lady laid right between them, half in the back seat and half in the back of the car.  She was so excited the entire way there.  Then we walked all around the monument.  Again and again.  The girls loved it.  The dog got so exhausted I took her to lay in the shade under a tree.  This was after she tried to lay underneath a bench in the shade on some random part of the trail.  Lazy dog.  When we finally left a couple of hours later, Lady laid completely in the back of the car and slept the entire way home.

IMG_20170311_114012 IMG_20170311_114419 IMG_20170311_114606 IMG_20170311_115314 IMG_20170311_115407 IMG_20170311_121022 IMG_20170311_121723

The co-op classes started up again. I’m running a K’nex builders class for the in-betweeners, ages 5-10, and Ellie is doing Scratch and self defense.  Rosie is taking clay and self defense.

It was Eleanor’s first birthday.  It’s pretty crazy how time flies.  Seanna said she’s recently took her first steps.  Rosie and Ellie can’t stop talking about our trip there later this year to see them both.

We went with the homeschoolers on a field trip to Organ Stop Pizza.  The pizza was awful but the organ was amazing.  The girls loved it so much they want to take their dad back a different time.


I signed the girls up for some city classes.  Ellie is taking painting and drawing class and absolutely loves it. I have a fabulous painting of a peacock from her that is kind of a weird size so I’m in the middle of trying to find a frame that will fit.  Rosie is about to start a mommy and me sewing class.  We bought her supplies to make a pillow.

We went to a children’s business fair a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was beautiful and we walked around a bunch of different booths set up with ‘kid entrepreneurs’.  The girls bought bracelets, bookmarks, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.  Ellie said she wants to do something for her own booth next year.  I’m not sure if there will be any follow through but she’s still kind of little and some of the parents at this expo were definitely very ‘involved’ with their kids businesses. If Ellie wants to run a business, it will be her project and not mine.

The whole family went to the county fair.  I asked the girls if they wanted to go and do rides and they both said no so we went the first day before the midway opened.  It was so quiet and relaxing.  We went through every single barn and looked at all of the animals.  The girls loved it.  They loved the 4H EVERYTHING…crafts, research project boards, animal judging, etc etc.

IMG_20170412_110618 IMG_20170412_110635 IMG_20170412_111240 IMG_20170412_111402

Ellie liked the petting zoo for about 2 minutes.  Then the goats freaked her out.  And a couple of them started chewing on her shirt, which dad and I found hilarious.  But, she still wanted to stay in there and pet everything.


IMG_20170412_112034 IMG_20170412_112057 IMG_20170412_112052_1

Rosie insisted on brushing this alpaca. The owners said they call this one Shake N Bake so I’m guessing it likes to roll in the bedding a lot.




IMG_20170412_112244 IMG_20170412_113828 IMG_20170412_114219

Rosie wanted some selfies with a few birds.



IMG_20170412_114241 IMG_20170412_114458 IMG_20170412_125249 IMG_20170412_132449

We ended the trip with ice cream because why not.



IMG_20170412_133655 IMG_20170412_133704


The girls have been loving riding their bikes.  We got Papa’s old one from Granny and Rosie is riding it now.

IMG_20170330_150306 IMG_20170330_150314

Something happened to Rosie the past couple of weeks.  She has, all of a sudden it seems, become a very good and independent reader. We’ve bought all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books off amazon for her and she reads them as fast as they come.  It’s pretty amazing to watch since we never pushed her to learn to read or told her what to read.  We were at the library waiting for Ellie while she was in her drawing class.  Rosie sat here and started reading and wouldn’t talk to me at all.  She was ‘busy.’




This is a picture Ellie was drawing on her Scratch program.  I loved it and took a quick picture just to keep all to myself.




We bought the girls some foam swords to bring to park day (all the kids at park day love to play with them) but caught the girls outside later smacking the crap out of each other.


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