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The girls spent lots of time out riding their bikes this month.  They are getting pretty good.  Granny had an old bike of Papas out in her garage so we took it. It’s exactly like Ellie’s new bike but white.  We have plans to clean it up and get it ready to ride.  Rosie is a little freaked out by it because it’s much larger than the bike she is learning on and feels comfortable riding around.

I forget what we were doing at the church.  There was one night we went with their friend Isabella and helped decorate the children’s wing for Christmas.  This might have been the same night.  Anyway, the girls let me get a picture.


Co-op ended and we brought our posters to the showcase to display for parents.  The girls and I didn’t stay though because it was in the middle of a long, crazy house project.  We are going to take the first session of Spring off to sell Girl Scout cookies because the girls, as IGM scouts, get program credits from selling cookies and have their eyes set on paying a chunk of their summer camp bill with profits.

Rosie got a new infinity scarf from my friend Heather.  She’s so fashionable.


We had the drywall repaired in the front room from the giant rain storms of a couple years ago.  While the drywall guy was here, he also fixed the crack in the ceiling in the main part of the house.  It was a 2 day nightmare.  None of it was the worst thing to happen but drywall is dirty and the entire house was upended for 2 weeks.  It was a zoo.  The kids and I emptied the front room, where I swear everything we own is sitting, into every single nook and cranny around the rest of the house.  I basically took down Christmas, too.  Except the tree.  I refused.  But having it moved into the other room and keeping the dog’s wild tail away from it was a nightmare all it’s own.

Since the drywall was then done, it was time to paint.  Maurice did the ceiling for me in the front room.  Then, I bought paint I liked to do the walls tan and chocolate.  I was up at 5am and the girls helped me, up and down and up and down the ladder for hours, trim the room.  It looked amazing.  A couple of hours later Maurice and I had a heated discussion about how I was sure the color was wrong.  He thought it was wet and I was imagining.  We painted another sample next to the trim and sure enough it was ‘redder.’  Later that night Maurice went and got the correct color and he and I spent 8 hours, until 4am, redoing and finishing the room.  It was a nightmare.  Then cleaning up the mess, moving furniture, and putting everything away… But the room is done now.

There was no children’s choir this fall and no singing tree performance.  But, the church did do a winter carnival and brought in tons of snow for the kids to play in.  They also had a train ride, movie, and treats.  We spent the entire 3 hours at the church so the kids could play with their friends and they had a wonderful time. img_0859 img_0871 img_0883


Mid-month the kids and I went to the Chandler Environmental Education Center for a field trip with the homeschool group.  They learned about weather and mostly just always have fun with their friends.

That same week we went to look at some Christmas lights with their friend Isabella.


We also decorated gingerbread houses together.  Which was a good thing – I totally dropped the ball on that activity this year.  Things got stressful with the drywall work mid-month.  Really that interrupted 2 full weeks of Christmas normalcy.

Ellie helped Granny decorate Christmas cookies one Sunday.  Rosie had to stay with me because she got caught lying. Boo.

We all went and saw Star Wars Rogue One.  Everyone loved it.

Ellie and I went to visit her friend Talon to play one afternoon.  Later that week, the girls and I went with Isabella to Pump It Up. We tried to fit in some fun stuff after home demolition!

Right before Christmas the kids had a slumber party at Granny’s house.  Maurice and I just sat in the quiet of the house which was very relaxing.

Here’s a picture of sweet baby Eleanor that Seanna sent me.  So sweet.




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