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I can’t believe November is gone.

Dad took a day off and we all went on a homeschool field trip to the Phoenix Zoo.  It was a lot of fun.  I can’t remember the last time we went to the Phoenix Zoo but it’s probably been a few years.  We spent the entire day there with a packed lunchbox and ended up seeing everything.

img_0778 img_0783 img_0777 img_0775

We’ve also been going to our co-op classes.  We have one more week left of this session.  I think we are going to take the first session of Spring off so I can concentrate on a few things I need to do around the house and the girls want to go door-to-door selling Girl Scout cookies, which starts in January.

In November we had back-to-back robotics competitions.  The first one was at the Microchip office in Chandler. They had two large rooms with practice fields on one side and competition fields on the other.  Here are the girls playing with their robot on a practice field.


Their team, TLOEA (the league of eternal awesomeness), spent a lot of time practicing or trying to earn points in the skills competition.  The skills competition is where individual teams show off their driving skills to earn points.  While this was going on, the teams were randomized and did a series of cooperative point-earning challenges.  The girls had 6 matchups in total.  They came in 29 out of 32 teams but we celebrated not being last for our first competition and the girls had a blast.  They met another sister/homeschool team that day.

Then, we went to another competition at a middle school.  It was crowded and not well organized and Maurice and I were miserable with the cluster of it all.  But of course, the girls had a blast.  Their friends from the previous match were there, they were much better drivers this time, and their ranking for the match improved by a couple of standings.


We made it through the 2016 presidential election.  Maurice and I went over to Toni’s to watch results roll in on NBC streaming live on Netflix.  After 18 months of the media telling us Trump wouldn’t win, I was shocked when he took Florida and ended up winning.

The girls and I went over to Isabella’s house to watch a movie and just hang out on Veteran’s Day since Isabella didn’t have school.

That Saturday we all went with Granny out to Grandma and Papa’s new house.  It is so cute and I love it. We ate enchilada casserole Granny brought for lunch and had a really great visit.  Their house is my dream house. Small, cute, cozy.  I wish I had taken a picture.

I took Rosie to CraftHack night at Gangplank.  I brought my sewing machine because the description said they were making doll clothes and would help you learn how.  I also brought my sewing bucket, fabric, etc.  I did not, however, bring my sewing machine cord.  Bah.  So, I hand sewed stuff with Rosie for a little while and it was fun anyway.  I did see the advertisement for this month’s Craft night and it says for entrepreneurs to network, the first time I’ve seen this event labeled this way.  Maurice says I’m paranoid but I really think the 7 year old wasn’t really welcome and it’s another HeatSync…a private club for people that don’t really want to share/teach hacking.  Not to say everyone was like that but enough to give it a bad vibe.  We have enough tools here at home that I’m starting the Carey hacker haven and keeping it private.

I took Rosie to the dentist because she had this nasty baby tooth hanging on in between her two big front teeth. And one of those front teeth is all crooked and silly.  The dentist didn’t pull it but said she needed to and to bring her back in a couple of weeks if it was still stuck.  Rosie was so freaked out to pull a tooth.  It ended up really bothering her and on Thanksgiving she ate a rice crispy treat and it popped out.

img_0795 img_0800

Then two weeks later the one off to the side of the crooked big front tooth was barely hanging on. She wanted me to pull it because it was morning time and dad was still asleep.  Gross.  I cannot.  But I did offer to hold her hand if she faced away from me and she could pull it.  Well, it was so wiggly she barely got her finger on it and it popped right out.  That was the very first tooth she has lost the dentist or her dad didn’t pull.


After nearly 8 years in this house, we finally put up drapes on the back door.  It’s a terrible picture but Maurice did a great job.


Ashleigh came over for dinner one night. She has Thanksgiving plans but we are hoping to all get together for Christmas this year since she won’t be going to her parents house this time.

AWANA is taking a long break, until mid-January, this year. I’m so happy because things are hectic in December.  The last week was before Thanksgiving and they had the store.  I volunteered to help the kids pick out their prizes with points earned by attendance, memorizing verses and various other things.

We had Isabella come over one night for a sleep over.  The girls mostly got along (amazing for a group of little girls) and in the morning we all went to church.  She went to class with Ellie and had so much fun she wants to go again.

Granny had us all over for dinner on Sunday.  It was nice and relaxing and I’m always happy to eat something I didn’t have to cook.

Finally we made it to Thanksgiving.  My Aunt and Uncle sent their ham coupon from work and I picked that up.  Ella brought a cooked turkey breast and rolls and carrots.  I made mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing.  Chris and Dottie brought snacks and green bean casserole.  My Aunt and Uncle picked up their grandson, Kameron, from the airport because he flew out to see them for the weekend and headed over so we could all eat together around 5pm.  It was very relaxing and a lot of fun.  Later that evening Isabella came over for dessert and brought homemade rice crispy treats (the ones that took Rosie’s tooth!).

I had my usual newspaper and looked through it Thanksgiving morning while the girls watched the Macy’s parade.  Everything I wanted was also for sale online so I made a bunch of online purchases and was done.  We had ruined Santa for the girls a few weeks earlier when Ellie was fighting with a kid at church over the real-ness of Santa.  So, they came with me and Dottie for our annual Black Friday shopping.  We were all out for a couple of hours, Dottie got lots of DVDs for Chris’ family when they go visit for Christmas, and it was a lot of fun.  After a good nights sleep (because Dottie and Chris just went  home and slept in their own beds that night after selling their house this fall and moving to a rental a few minutes away), we all woke up and went out shopping again for fun.  Even the boys and Granny joined us to go to the mall -what a zoo, what a mistake.  But we were all together and it was fun.

That night we decorated our Christmas tree.  I took a few fuzzy pics on my phone. Then i asked Maurice to take a picture of Rosie doing the Angel on the tree.  Oh my, his picture is by far the worst.

img_0803 img_0805 img_0825 img_0814 img_0834

The next day we went to Chris and Dottie’s and the girls helped them decorate their Christmas tree while we snacked and hung out.  By Sunday we were all exhausted.  We didn’t even make it to church that day.

The girls and I met Isabella and her mom over at the church that Monday to help decorate the children’s wing.  We helped for a little over an hour but then left since it was getting late on a ‘school night.’  I think I was still exhausted from our Thanksgiving 4-day weekend!

I had told the girls on Monday, “Tomorrow you are learning to ride a bike.”  Tuesday, Maurice aired up tires and out to the cup-de-sac we all went.  Rosie’s bike was WAY too small so both girls learned on Elie’s bike.  In one day.  By Wednesday they were doing amazing. So Wednesday night I took Ellie to pick out a new bike (bigger size) at Walmart. She found a purple mountain bike. I told Rosie to get better on the hand me down bike and once she outgrew it she could pick out her own bike. She was very determined to learn to brake and get up/down curbs because she wants to get a bike of her choosing.  Stubborn.  Every day we’ve been outside playing on our bikes.  Dad even aired up our bike tires and we’ve been out playing too.

Somehow it became December and the girls played for over two hours at the homeschool park day.  It was really nice, although kind of cold because it was in the high 50’s with the sun hiding behind the clouds.

I think the last big thing we did is make house rental reservations for next fall in Michigan to visit Seanna and Eleanor.  We are all very excited and now it’s just a waiting game.

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