Through March 7th

Now that painting is done, we have been trying to get back on a somewhat normal routine.

The girls were invited to a painting place for a birthday party.  They went and had a blast.  Ellie told me she wanted to take painting with an instructor because she wants to learn technique so I guess she was serious about really liking it all.


The next day the girls performed with the choir during both Sunday services at church.  I thought they did a great job.  Dad and Granny both came to see the performance.

IMG_20170219_090122 IMG_20170219_090138 IMG_20170219_090134

Our regular church had an event at the new building to write messages or your name on the walls of the building before the drywall is finished.  So, we went over and got to take a tour.  It was pretty cool and way bigger than our current space.  This is the new sanctuary.

IMG_20170225_151813 IMG_20170225_153925


And here are the writings the girls left behind.  Ellie disappeared too quickly before I could get her picture while in the act though.  It says “I love this place”.

IMG_20170225_151643 IMG_20170225_151740 IMG_20170225_151805


The kids helped me rake up all of the weeds in the backyard which was the last thing I had to take care of since the painting nightmare began and ended.  I think at this point most everything is fairly caught up.

We also had the big park day with the homeschool group.  That’s always fun.  The weather has been perfect so we stayed for a really long time to make sure there was a lot of time to see their friends.

One day we went to Goodwill and shopped just for fun.  Rosie bought this glamorous dress and now just wears it around the house.


A couple of days ago we went to see Moana, the new Disney movie.  It was cute but there are a lot of kids on spring break right now and the theater was crowded.  It would have been better to go when public school is back in but we went with Isabella so the girls had fun seeing her.

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