Through May 20

May has been super crazy busy.  I have the girls signed up for Phoenix swim team this summer so we’ve basically been at the pool every day practicing the competitive strokes.  I don’t know if they will get bumped back down to lessons or not but we are at least trying to get them right before team starts.

Choir has been running since the start of this year.  I don’t know why this picture is so fuzzy but here are the kids practicing before church to sing for Sunday service.


Here’s Ellie and her little buddy Grant.




Rosie is playing around with Abigail and her little brother.



IMG_20170507_085026 IMG_20170507_103850 IMG_20170507_103845



Here are the kids during church giving their awesome performance!





That evening, the choir did their musical performance.  Neither girl wanted a speaking part so they are in the back up choir off to the side but the show was still cute.  Granny, Uncle Chris and Aunt Dottie all came out to see them, too, for the evening show.  These pictures were from dress rehearsal when I could get a clear shot.

IMG_20170507_173332 IMG_20170507_173633


This same day (busy day) was also Ellie’s birthday so we had a little party for her at the house.  Granny, Uncle Chris and Aunt Dottie, and Papa and Grandma all came.

Ellie told me after Christmas she was a little disappointed she didn’t get more toys but was going to ask for toys for her birthday. Well, dad and I got her her entire list.  And I wrapped them in Christmas paper. They are off to her left and we teased her about it for weeks.

She got a dollhouse and all the dolls and furniture she asked for, squirt guns, Magic playing cards, a catzilla shirt, a Warriors cat book from Dad and Mom.

Granny got her a Minecraft video game and poster.

Papa and Grandma got her some cute clothes and a Target gift card.

Chris and Dottie got her an annoying cat that makes all kinds of racket and some awesome swords for fighting with her sister.

She said she had a nice birthday.


IMG_20170507_144932 IMG_20170507_150012 IMG_20170507_150258 IMG_20170507_150722 IMG_20170507_150923 IMG_20170507_150941 IMG_20170507_151128 IMG_20170507_151154 IMG_20170507_151529 IMG_20170507_151533 IMG_20170507_151536 IMG_20170507_151537 IMG_20170507_152620 IMG_20170507_154545 IMG_20170507_160655


AWANA ended for the year and we had the awards ceremony.  Then afterwards we all went outside and the girls ate snow cones with their friends and played in the grass.  Both girls earned some awards for saying verses and at one point during a singing and dancing break during the ceremony, Ellie was selected to go onstage and sign/dance for everyone!

IMG_20170510_183204 IMG_20170510_184236 IMG_20170510_184238 IMG_20170510_185644 IMG_20170510_185700 IMG_20170510_185759 IMG_20170510_190240 IMG_20170510_190356

Ellie and I finished our volunteer orientation class at an local animal shelter.  Ellie wants to volunteer and I found one she can help at.  We have our ‘cat training’ class later this month.  I don’t have any pictures but we met lots of cute animals at the no-kill shelter who all need clean cages and attention while they wait to get adopted.

Finally for the month it was Ellie’s birthday party.  She wanted to have a big party since we will be moving soon.  I reserved a ramada at the park and she invited everyone she could think of.  We had a good turnout and the kids had a ball.  It was warm outside and the park has a splash pad. We also went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of park toys for her friends to use, lose or break so we could all just have fun and not worry about losing track of our toys from home.  We had fruit and muffins and enjoyed everyone’s company for 2 hours.

IMG_20170520_094353 IMG_20170520_094416 IMG_20170520_095640 IMG_20170520_100130 IMG_20170520_102528 IMG_20170520_102539 IMG_20170520_102602 IMG_20170520_102704 IMG_20170520_102717 IMG_20170520_102929 IMG_20170520_102943 IMG_20170520_103003 IMG_20170520_103108 IMG_20170520_103125 IMG_20170520_103124 IMG_20170520_103337 IMG_20170520_103809_1 IMG_20170520_103811 IMG_20170520_103812 IMG_20170520_103832

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