Through Oct 31st

The usual things have been going on the past couple of weeks.  We finished up the first session of the homeschool co-op.  This past week, it started up again for session II.   Now Ellie is doing a coding class her dad is teaching and a class which as far as I can tell is basically about blowing things up on the lawn of the library.  And Rosie is doing a felt jewelry making class and the Lego story starter class I am teaching.

The family got together for dinner to celebrate Granny and Dottie birthdays during their birthday week.

Ellie and I went to a Women Who Code meetup but were disappointed when no experience coders turned up.  I’m not sure if we will attend that meetup again as it has been two months in a row of a bust.

Ellie and I went to see the Finding Dory movie.  She loved it.

The three of us went to the Olive Mill in Queen Creek on a Veritas field trip.  It was so incredibly boring.  The girls were good sports, though, and well behaved.

Ashleigh came over for our Tuesday night dinner date.  Things have been pretty crazy lately either for her or us so that was the first time we had seen her in a while.

I took Ellie to the pool to meet some homeschool friends.  It’s been so hot this October.  It was perfect swimming weather. I think the high that day, right before Halloween, was 97*.

We went to the church Trunk and Treat event.  Rosie was a cat and Ellie was a zebra.  We also picked up their friend Isabella and stayed for candy, games, inflatables, etc the entire time.  The girls had a blast.

We didn’t actually trick or treat on Halloween because we had plenty of candy already.

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