thru April 30

Seanna sent me these pictures and I love them so much.  Eleanor in her fancy dress to celebrate turning 1!


And Eleanor playing in the ball pit we got her for her birthday.  Seanna says these balls are all over her house.  We are so evil and hilarious!




We had an Easter egg hunt at the park with the homeschool group.  Rosie was at home but Ellie came with me.  I’m not sure exactly how many eggs were hid but probably a few hundred.  The kids had a blast and Ellie ended up with small toys, coins, candy and all kinds of fun prizes.




We also went over to Isabella’s house one day and the kids all decorated Easter eggs on the patio.  It was mostly an excuse to hang out and I think the girls had a fun time.  They made some really cool egg decorations but I guess I never got a picture of anything.

Maurice and I decided to get more serious about relocation so we sold all of our big furniture.  The house looks totally empty.  We ended up with our TV mounted on the wall while we are in this state of transition.

The kids and I started a board game club with the homeschool group.  I was there for 2 hours and got zero pictures but we had great turnout.  Probably 25 kids and 12 moms or so if I had to guess.

The girls finished up their classes through the city.  Here is Ellie not letting me get her picture as she was done with one of her drawing and painting classes.




Here’s Rosie with her first finished sewing project – a pillow.




Here she is working on her second project – penguin pajama bottoms.  She never did get this one finished. She’s close.  We are going to ask Granny to help us with the last little bit Rosie didn’t get done before the class session ended.  I thought my sewing machine was broken though and we took it in for repair. It kept beeping and the pedal wouldn’t move the needle.  I was so embarrassed when the guy called to say it was ok and to come get it.  Turns out it was threaded wrong.  Well, at least it wasn’t broken and hopefully with my machine not broken and Granny knowing what she’s doing, someone can help Rosie finish these cute pants.



IMG_20170504_175351 IMG_20170504_180711

Maurice bought a 25 year old diesel truck.  We’ve been tinkering on it for fun.  Maurice had a half a mind to drive this old truck to where ever we moved to.  We have been out for a few rides in it and got caught up one night when it was super crazy windy.  He wants to check out the front wheels since they feel ‘loose’ and has since decided we won’t drive it cross country.  I was relieved. I don’t mind shipping it.  It’s still super fun to play around in and on.  No computer in the engine of this old work truck. Just nuts and bolts.




I was walking in to the church the other day and there were several new canvas photos hanging up in the hallway.  Here is Ellie from their winter carnival when they had a huge snow pile.  She looks so happy. I love this picture.


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